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Why Amazon Redshift is the best for your enterprise

You’ve no doubt used, or at least heard of, Amazon but did you know it’s web services could boost your business? Big data and using its insights is helping to drive businesses forward and make more informed decisions based on historic figures and intelligent projections. Amazon Redshift allows businesses to make queries for datasets of almost any size and it does it at speed too.

Amazon Redshift forms part of the larger cloud computing offering from Amazon Web Services and is a hosted data warehouse product. It’s fully managed and offers a cost-effective solution to analysing data and integrating it into existing business intelligence tools that you may use. But is it right for your enterprise? There’s more than one way for Amazon Redshift to support business operations and many enterprises will find they can benefit from using the product to further their business goals.

Here are our 5 reasons why Amazon Redshift is a great option for meeting your big data needs.

1. It’s cost effective – Data warehouses can be huge outgoings for a business and Amazon Redshift offers an alternative. Compared to traditional data warehouse it’s a very cost-effective solution, with the added bonus of only paying for what you use, providing enterprises with flexibility.

2. It’s scalable – Whether you’re just starting out or have billions of data points, Amazon Redshift is scalable to suit the needs of each enterprise. It means that when you pick this data warehouse option it can grow as your business and big data grows too without requiring you to make huge changes and investment.

3. It’s super-fast – In business time is money as the saying goes and Amazon Redshift certainly considers that. It uses columnar storage technology to make queries across multiple nodes efficient, delivering you the information you need when you need it.

4. It’s simple – Big data and incorporating technology can be complex but Amazon Redshift proves it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to it being fully managed, when you use the product the most common tasks are taken out of your hands, giving you more time to focus on the data and the insights it’s offering you.

5. It’s compatible – If you’re already taking advantage of other big data tools compatibility will certainly be a concern. Amazon Redshift can support petabyte databases as well as being SQL compatible, so you can use all the analytical tools in a single place, giving you even more flexibility and knowledge.